King's Hill Gin


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King’s Hill is a very small batch (200 Bottles) Scottish Gin handcrafted at the Pentland Distillery, Edinburgh presented in their new bespoke bottle.

Created from a meticulous blend of twelve finely curated botanicals, combined in perfect harmony and distilled in a traditional Copper Alembic Still, named ‘Marion’. The Pentland Hills offers an abundance of diverse natural resources. Gorse Flower, Heather, Wild Rosehip and Elderflower are painstakingly foraged by hand, dried and vapour infused in a copper basket during distillation. The resulting spirit captures and conveys a true sense of our terroir.

Best served long with a hearty slice of grapefruit, copious ice and quality Mediterranean tonic. A gin truly fit for a King. – 44% ABV.

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Tasting Notes

On the nose: Fresh, fruity with piney juniper
On the palate: Smooth, sweet, full bodied and aromatic

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