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What are Crafty Samples?

For some products, we are able to offer customers the chance to purchase a 3cl sample. This allows you to try the spirit before you commit to purchasing a full bottle.

Why is your portfolio small compared to your competitors?

We keep our portfolio small so that we can know everything about each product. This means we are able to tell you all about the brands, their story and help with recommendations.

Payment and Shipping

At Crafty Connoisseur we use Stripe and PayPal for our payment processing, fully secure and very reliable and you don’t need to have a PayPal account.  Our standard shipping starts at £4.99 for a 48-hour delivery. 24hrs delivery (based on business days) is available from £6.75. We are happy to provide a quote for shipping outside the UK but please note that all “non-UK” duties and taxes are the responsibility of the customer residing in the destination country.

How do I place an order?

Ordering is simple, once you have found the product you want, add it to your shopping cart and follow the step-by-step instructions.   Payments are processed via PayPal or Stripe but don’t worry you don’t need to have an account with them.  All you need is a credit or debit card.

Out of Stock, Coming Soon, On Order – what’s that all about?

As we work with “small batch” producers we may run out of stock on certain items. However, our partners have assured us that they will be able to re-stock us within a matter of days.

Our aim is to try and keep the site fully stocked at all times but just remember – “good things come to those who wait”

Out of Stock – this may mean that either our stocks have depleted or the producers stocks have.  But fear not, they don’t take long to get them back up to order level.

Coming Soon – we have confirmed agreement to list goods from the producer and are just waiting on confirmation of an availability date.

On Order – stocks are low and we have reordered the product with our suppliers (2-3 day turn around time).

Pre Order – some products are very much in demand so we won’t always have a large amount of stock.  However, you can contact us to “pre order” your product and that way you are guaranteed to get yours when the stock gets delivered

Spirits Club

Do You Ship the Spirit Boxes Internationally?

At this moment in time, the club is UK-based only but we do hope to ship internationally at some point in the near future.

Can I Have More Than One Bottle in My Subscription Box?

No, currently, we are only offering one 70cl bottle per subscription box. There is the potential for us to expand on this in the future, but at this point, we have no plans to do so. There is also a limit of one box per customer.

Can I Pause My Crafty Spirits Club Subscription?

If you want to pause your subscription because you need a break or are going away, there is an option for you to do so. The feature is valid twice per year, and cannot be applied two months in a row.

Can I Cancel My Crafty Spirits Club Subscription? 

Ending your monthly subscription couldn’t be easier! If you ever decide to cancel, we’ve streamlined the process to reduce your stress. Just reach out to us before the 15th of the month, and we’ll take care of cancelling your account for you.

What’s Inside the Crafty Spirits Club Box?

When you join our membership and receive your box, rest assured, we steer clear of filler items. No bags of crisps you’ll never munch on or unwanted dried crackers. Even tonics are a no-go. You signed up for top-notch spirits, and that’s precisely what we deliver – a premium experience every time. Inside your box awaits a 70cl bottle of our featured spirit for the month. What’s truly thrilling is that each one is brand new to our collection. You’ll be the first to sip on our latest whisky, gin, vodka, or other spirits we introduce. Moreover, these exclusive spirits won’t hit the shelves for 6-8 weeks, making you feel truly special. Cheers to that exclusivity!

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