Who are Team Crafty?

Steve McKenzie aka the Dafty Fae Crafty

Steve McKenzie
(aka "dafty fae crafty")

Brenda McKenzie from Crafty Connoisseur

Brenda McKenzie
(aka "the boss")

Team Crafty are a husband and wife team who come from varied backgrounds but who both have a passion for spirits and for tasting something different.

The idea for Crafty came about one Saturday evening when Brenda had posted a picture on Facebook of them both enjoying an Australian gin.

Someone commented on the picture asking where they could buy the gin.

As a registered importer of spirits, they soon realised that they could bring in spirits from all over the world.

That was when Crafty Connoisseur was born. It would be a website that would showcase spirits from all around the globe.

This website wouldn’t be just another online off licence!

No, it would be a place where people who appreciated what the drank would want to come and learn as well as buy.

They would want to hear the story behind the brand and to find out how best to enjoy it.

Small batch, craft spirits that can be enjoyed by connoisseurs all over the world.

The long term goal of “Team Crafty” is to provide a hub where anyone can come to find our more about spirits that are different.

They can read reviews about them from the team and from other connoisseurs.

A place where there are no wrong answers and everyone’s opinion on a spirit is respected.

After all, we are all different, we all have different tastebuds so we will all have a different taste experience.

This is a place for the #CraftyNation