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November 29, 2022

Crafty Podcast Launching on 1st December

What is the Crafty Connoisseur Podcast I hear you ask?

Well, its our first ever podcast so chances are we will change things as the months progress.

We wanted to bring something to the crafty nation that would be insightful, helpful and perhaps even entertaining. What’s more, apart from speaking to people within the drinks and hospitality sector, we also want to speak to the Crafty Nation.

Yes, that’s right, we want all of our followers and friends to get involved.

If you are passionate about what you drink, if you appreciate what tickles your tastebuds, then why not come onto the podcast and tell the world (yes this thing is global).

Our first episode launches on 1st December with local publican, and National President of the Scottish Licensed Trade Association, Graham Blaikie.

Graham owns and operates the Mercat Grill down in sunny Whitecraig. A great place for food, drink, sports on the the TV, good whisky, haggis cigars and of course banter.

Thereafter, we will have an episode every two weeks available on Anchor and Spotify to begin with but then we will take over the podcast world…………..

We’ve got a few good people lined up for future episodes.

From successful entrepreneurs, rum makers, mixologists, and more.

So, if you fancy hearing, and seeing, yes its on our YouTube Channel as well (@craftyconnoisseur), then drop us a message via the website.

Once you’ve listened, leave us a review as feedback, good or bad, helps us improve the show.

Also, if there is anyone you want us to ask on the show, let us know.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

A little boy wearing a blue and blue superhero costume.

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