Pink Gin Strawberry Southside Cocktail


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Pink Gin Strawberry Southside

Intense flavours in a spirit forward sipper!

This take on the classic Southside cocktail is oozing with fresh, fruity flavours. They start with the formidable Beefeater Pink Gin and add strawberry liqueur, sweet agave syrup and just a touch of creme de menthe and citric acid.

Garnish with a lime wheel or sprig of mint for a straight-up but vibrant, incredibly quaffable cocktail.

Serves one. Vegan. Gluten free. Contains nuts.

Beefeater Pink Gin | Giffard Strawberry Liqueur | Aqua | Agave Syrup | Organic Citric Acid | Crème de Menthe

Single Serving 100ml | 18.1%

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