Customised Rum Gift Box

Our gift box is an ideal present for rum connoisseurs, including a premium rum, chocolates, mixers, and an optional stag head bottle pourer.

The smooth and flavourful rum and indulgent chocolates make for a delightful experience. The mixers help create the perfect serve, and the stag head bottle pourer is a stylish addition to any bar.

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Customisable Rum Gift Box

If you’re searching for the ideal gift for the rum enthusiast in your life, look no further. Our customisable rum gift boxes are the ultimate surprise, tailor-made to your loved one’s preferences. Not only can you curate the contents of the box to their liking, but you’ll also enjoy savings compared to purchasing each item separately.


Our gift boxes feature a premium bottle of rum, with the option of the exquisite Strange Bedfellows, a blend of single malt and spiced rum. Complementing the spirits, we include chocolates designed to harmonise with the drink, two mixers for the perfect pairing, and the choice to include an optional stag head bottle pourer. You can select your preferred rum and pick two mixers that perfectly match your choice.


To make the gift box even more extraordinary, we offer the choice of a full bar or a box of six artisan chocolates from Edinburgh’s premier chocolatier, Cocoamania Chocolates. The optional stag head bottle pourer adds an extra touch of sophistication to enhance your loved one’s drinking experience.


In conclusion, our customisable gift boxes provide the perfect means to express your love and affection for your nearest and dearest. Embark on the journey of creating your custom box today and make your loved one feel exceptionally cherished!

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