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January 27, 2021

How Can A Virtual Tasting Be Interactive?

In 2020 COVID restrictions closed pubs, limited numbers in restaurants, people are missing the human interaction with their friends and colleagues.

It meant that lots of people could not come together on a social basis to enjoy a drink or two. They could not celbrate birthdays or anniversaries. Nor could businesses entertain clients or treat their staff

That’s where Team Crafty come in.

As part of our business pivoting strategy, we have took our spirits tastings online.

This is not just another ZOOM call, or a webinar where you get to watch us sample the spirits.

Where’s the fun in that?

Oh no, you get to sample them too!

Our “Interactive Virtual Spirits Tastings” mean that every participant gets a sample pack delivered straight to their door.  Plus, we are not talking about a little 10ml measure that most people would likely drown with a mixer in one fell swoop.

No, these are full 25ml measures accompanied by some mixers, a garnish and up to 90 minutes of our online chat.

Plus, this is not a classroom setting where you sit and listen and we preach to you as if you had no spirits knowledge.  We take the view that everyone has different tastes, so everyone will have a different take on what they are experiencing.

We want to hear about that experience, whether you like it or loath it, nothing is off limits.

Our company ethos operates on the basis of the Three E’s

Engage – with consumers.

Educate – consumers on what they like, what their palates like and the story behind the spirits they like.

Enjoy – seeing consumers get a buzz from learning more about spirits from all around the world and how best to enjoy them.

Of course, we will tell you all about the spirits, who makes them, where they make them and why they make them. 

Otherwise you could just “ask the google oracle”.

The other thing about what we offer, is that most of our spirits, if not all, are not available in the supermarkets. 

Some aren’t even in the country yet (unless we or one of our partners have brought them in), so you are guaranteed to taste “Something Different”

For more information, contact us for a chat and to see how we can tailor a bespoke spirit tasting for you, youre company or your firends.

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