Edelweiss Alpine Vodka


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The key components of Edelweiss – the Alpine Vodka are deeply rooted in the very heart of Alpine nature: Aside from the great distillate derived from rye and spelt, it is the pristine spring water from the Austrian Alps that makes significant contributions to its high quality.

It’s all in the details…

With its pure yet edgy silhouette that shines bright like the emerald water of the untouched Alpine lakes, the bottle of edelweiss – the Alpine Vodka is just as unique as its taste and reminds of an endlessly beautiful piece of fine jewellery. Each and every one of these masterpieces is embellished with the iconic symbol of the Alps: An edelweiss flower, embroidered from cotton in Austria and applied individually by hand.

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Tasting Notes

Crisp, creamy and elegant with delicate herbal notes and a gentle spice

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